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Ma Youdu (pen name: Xiao Ma Ge) Consultant of Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, Honorary President of Chongqing Society of Chinese Medicine. Professor and Chief Physician of Chongqing Medical University. Special allowance expert of the State Council, national chief Chinese medicine health science expert, national science popularization advanced worker, Chongqing outstanding science and technology worker, founder of the science branch of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, and the first ten best book writers in Chongqing. Won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the State Education Commission, the National Excellent Popular Science Works Award, the Goldsmiths Science Popularization Fund Award, and the Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award. He has always pursued "Scientific research with one hand and popular science with the other", invented the new cough medicine "Maqin cough syrup" and the new sleeping medicine "Compound Zaoren Capsules". He is the author of "Enlightenment of Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Wonderful Chinese Medicine", "Magic Use of Prescriptions", etc. Remaining books. Engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 50 years, with rich experience and remarkable curative effect. He specializes in internal medicine, gynecology, and dermatology of traditional Chinese medicine, and has special research on cough, insomnia, gastrointestinal diseases, irregular menstruation, and pruritic skin diseases.

Ding Yanping (pen name: Xiaomi Ding) was born in Fujian and graduated from the Film and Television Media College of Chongqing Normal University. He is currently the editor and director of Chongqing TV Station. In the “Health First” column of Chongqing TV Station, he cooperated with Professor Ma Youdu in the series of "My Little Horse Fun Talk About Health Care", which is well received by the people.
When to stop coughing

There are coughs one after another, and the cough is annoying, and the worried cough gets worse, and I am worried that it will turn into pneumonia.When can I stop breathing from this constant cough?

【Xiaomiding】People-oriented, health first. Welcome to today's Xiao Ma Ge Fun Talk on Health Care interview. Hello, Brother Xiao Ma!

【Xiaomi Ding】For the rest of your life, people who never cough may be unique. Coughing is so common that it will produce both sound and turbid phlegm, which is really annoying.

[Little Horse] Coughing is really annoying, but, to be fair, coughing is also good for the human body and has an indispensable protective function.

【Xiaomiding】Mr. Ma, you have proposed a new concept for us today. I have never heard that cough is good for our body. What is going on?

[Little Horse] Traditional Chinese medicine says "the lung governs qi", and Western medicine says that 10,000 liters of gas enter and exit the lungs every day. The lung is an organ for gas exchange. Didn’t the ancients have a saying, “vomiting the old and accepting the new”, not only to vomit the old, to constantly exhale carbon dioxide; but also to accept the new and constantly inhale fresh oxygen. In order to keep vomiting and vomiting, the respiratory tract must be unobstructed. This requires "scavengers" to remove "garbage" at any time. There are many fine cilia growing on our respiratory tract. These cilia wiggle back and forth day and night, like a broom, constantly sweeping the sputum mixed with dust, bacteria, and viruses that invade the respiratory tract to the throat, and finally through coughing Sweep out these "evil spirits". Therefore, coughing is not all bad. It can be said to be a great contributor to the smooth progress of maintaining the respiratory system.

【Xiaomiding】Everything has two sides, there is no absolute good or bad. However, prolonged labor and severe cough not only affects rest and sleep, but also makes us particularly tired. This cough should be regarded as a kind of illness?

〖Brother Xiaoma〗In the view of Chinese medicine, the duration of coughing is long or short. Regardless of the severity of the cough, the cough is regarded as an independent disease, called cough disease. Traditional Chinese medicine divides cough into two major types: exogenous cough and internal injury cough. Cold cough, bronchitis cough, and pneumonia cough are all exogenous coughs, while coughs caused by tuberculosis and lung cancer are internal injury coughs. According to western medicine, cough is only a symptom. Cough can occur in many diseases, and it is the most common in respiratory diseases. Such as bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, etc.

【Xiaomiding】Little Ma, are there many patients who cough in your outpatient clinics every day?

〖Brother Xiaoma〗There are quite a few. In winter and spring, many patients come to see coughs.

[Xiaomiding] Brother Xiao Ma, I heard that you are a master at treating coughs. What are your tips to help cough patients?

〖Little Horse〗It's not a coup. The key is that after the diagnosis of Western medicine is clear, the treatment must be based on the dialectics of Chinese medicine. Exogenous cough is more common in outpatients than internal injury cough. Generally, it is necessary to distinguish between wind-cold cough and wind-heat cough.

[Xiaomiding] Every time I go to see the doctor, the doctor sometimes says that you have a wind-cold cough, and sometimes they say you have a wind-heat cough. I don’t know what kind of symptom is wind-heat and what kind of symptom is wind-cold. What are the characteristics of the two types of coughs and what medicines are commonly used to treat them?

〖Little horse〗Xiaomiding, you have asked this question very well. Now let's distinguish the symptoms of these two types of coughs and treat them with symptomatic drugs. Wind-cold cough, thin and white sputum, easy to cough up, fear of cold, runny nose and other symptoms of wind-cold cold, should be used to diffuse wind-cold, expectorant cough treatment, generally can choose Shensu pills. Wind-heat cough, yellow and viscous phlegm, difficult to cough up, dry mouth, bitter mouth, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, it is also suitable to use divergent wind-heat, expectorant cough treatment, generally can choose Sangju cold tablets, Yinchai Particle treatment.

【Xiaomiding】Last time a good friend of mine had a very bad cough. You said she had a "cold fire" cough. You gave her three bottles of syrup, and it got better soon. What about this "cold fire" cough, what syrup do you use?

〖Little horse〗This kind of "cold fire" cough is the most common clinically, and the cough is more severe. The patient has cold symptoms such as chills and fever, nasal congestion and runny nose, as well as yellow sputum, poor cough, and mouth. For symptoms such as thirst and yellow urine, it is time to treat the cold and clear the heat. Using Maqin cough syrup, the effect is fast and good. This kind of "cold-fire" cough, which is a type of cough that is cold and hot inside, can be seen in both acute bronchitis and patients with acute attacks of chronic bronchitis. Taking Maqin cough syrup is effective because it can dispel cold on the outside, clear heat on the inside, and eliminate phlegm and relieve cough. Pharmacological experiments have also proved that Maqin cough syrup has obvious antipyretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and cough pharmacological effects.

【Xiaomiding】Maqin cough syrup works so well, I have to take a few more bottles back home this Spring Festival. My parents love to cough when they are cold. They believe in traditional Chinese medicine, but they are afraid of the pain of the medicine and the trouble of boiling the medicine. This syrup is delicious and convenient to take.

〖Brother Xiaoma〗Xiaomiding, now the machine boils medicine, which is much more convenient. According to the different conditions of different cough patients, please ask the doctor to prescribe more targeted Chinese medicine decoctions, combined with Maqin cough syrup, the effect is better. For severe acute bronchitis, it is often a mixed infection of virus and bacteria. For patients with severe cough, There is also special alert for pneumonia, as long as you take a chest X-ray can be found. Once pneumonia is diagnosed, you should be hospitalized and choose antibiotics. Maqin cough syrup can only be used as a complementary treatment.

【Xiaomiding】I understand, some coughs can be treated with syrup alone, some with Chinese medicine decoctions, and some with antibiotics. Brother Xiao Ma, I have one more question to ask. Some coughs are not good for old age. After a few months, I have been coughing every day. Is there a way to treat this type of cough that is not healed?

〖Brother Xiaoma〗We must be alert to two diseases, one is tuberculosis and the other is lung cancer. As the saying goes, "long-term cough is easy to become tuberculosis", in fact, "tuberculosis often coughs". The ancients said tuberculosis is tuberculosis. Coughing is often accompanied by blood in sputum. Lin Daiyu in "A Dream of Red Mansions" coughs repeatedly for a long time, and blood in sputum , Is a typical example. It is also common for patients with lung cancer to cough continuously and carry blood in the sputum. It is not difficult to diagnose these two diseases. Generally, a preliminary diagnosis can be made by taking chest X-rays and adding sputum examination. Be sure to go to the hospital for examination. If these two diseases can be ruled out, the most common one is chronic bronchitis. Our Chinese medicine practitioners are also called internal injuries and old cough.

【Xiaomi Ding】I’m so familiar with this name, isn’t it just “old and slow”. This "old" means that it has been coughing for a long time, and I see it more in old age: this "slow" means that it is too slow, what a vivid depiction, how did this "old and slow" come from, and what should be done with it Do it?

[My Little Horse] Chronic bronchitis, some are caused by recurrent acute bronchitis without timely treatment, some are caused by repeated bacterial infections, and some are caused by long-term smoking and frequent inhalation of polluted gas and dust.

【Xiaomiding】What are its characteristics and how to treat it?

〖Brother Xiaoma〗It almost happened that he had a cough for 3 months within 1 year, and he had been onset for more than 2 consecutive years, and other diseases such as heart and lung were excluded. We can basically diagnose him as chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is often prone to acute attacks. Our Chinese medicine treatment also needs to distinguish the three common types of wind-cold, wind-heat and external cold and internal heat, and antibiotics should be used when necessary.

[Xiaomiding] "Old chronic bronchitis" is a chronic disease. It should not only be "cured" but also "nourished". What should such patients usually pay attention to?

[Little Horse] Patients with chronic bronchitis must not only strive for the confidence of recovery, but also maintain an optimistic mood, and more importantly, they must exercise properly. Walking, brisk walking, gymnastics, and Taiyoujiquan exercises, as long as they persist in Good results. In winter and spring, chronic bronchitis is particularly prone to attack. At this time, keep warm, avoid overwork, get proper nutrition, and ensure sleep. Another thing worth noting is that you must quit smoking. Let me give you an example from my side. My mother-in-law has been smoking since she was young, and she suffered from chronic bronchitis in her middle age. After she was sixty years old, she often had acute attacks. She would get sick every winter, coughing and breathing. Difficulty, multiple hospitalizations. After she made up her mind to quit smoking completely, she rarely had acute attacks, suffered a lot less, and lived at 88 years old.
[Xiaomiding] 88 years old should be considered a long life. In this way, smoking cessation is particularly important for patients with chronic bronchitis. As for the various diseases of the cough family, today we have finally figured out the ins and outs of it. As the saying goes, minor diseases also have great wisdom. You should never treat wind-heat cough as a wind-cold doctor, let alone tuberculosis and lung cancer as general coughs. If you are not sure, let's go to the hospital. Every time I talk about health with Xiao Ma, time is always not enough. When it's time to say goodbye to everyone, let's talk again in a few days.



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